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26-02-2018 21:12 mins $20.00  
Here's a Non Pov scene i shot with Valentina, i think i had a bad V tb honest as little Monty ussually has no trouble at all with anal ! but all the ass licking deffo put some wind in the sail ! So here we have Hot stuff Al with her amazing ass, a little "comedy / tease" to start then for the bum fucking & asslicking, i did however splodge a nice big load over her facepretty much in both eyes, then showertime ! into the bathroom & time to wash all that spunk ff, full piss shower all in her hair & everything !
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23-12-2017 20:40 mins $18.00  
Here's Lucia Love doing a great job of playing The Carrot Thief ! .. I just realised i hadn't used this scene enywhere else, prob due to the fact when it came time for the cum shot Tina Kay .. ( Playing the Boss Lady :) took a piss all in Lucia's face & mouth just before i came on her, then stuck my cock in her pissy mouth for her to suck the cum & smeg from my cock.. not a great deal of pissing so its priced down a little but pretty entertaining never the less lol new POV pissing coming early 2018 guys thanks for your support
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18-10-2017 23:59 mins $20.00  
The 2nd piss scene with Montse, this time she gets fucked, then takes cum in her mouth & swallows it all up then into the bathroom for a hose down & a ton of piss all in her mouth
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17-10-2017 38:46 mins $20.00  
Hot tattooed Phoenix came to Spain for dick & watersports, it was her debut POV scene with me & her debut golden shower too ! hot filthy gal, loves cock, loves to eat ass, great fuck we have plans for more shoots & more wet fun in 2018
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11-10-2017 27:20 mins $20.00  
Here's hot Spanish milf Montse Swinger, sucking dick, licking ass & taking a big load of cum all in her face then off to the bath tub for a hose down!
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03-10-2017 05:27 mins $10.00  
Lulu & me had to shoot for another company, she came a long way & had to stop the night, it was clear to me that Lulu shares the piss fetish ! so it was rude not to make her an offer & piss on her before she left, for this piss scene she actually got pissed on first then wanked on ! I think she loved it !
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16-08-2017 13:53 mins $10.00  
Tina & me had fun the first day we met & pissed on eachother so we arranged a romantic night together & took plastic sheets ! its a dark scene, no pop shot / no ending, music in the background, so she pissed on me, sucked her piss off my cock & chest, i fucked her & pissed on her against the window, cant say for sure if she swallowed any but if i were to guess I'd say she did lol
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02-08-2017 37:25 mins $20.00  
This is the day i met Alessa Savage & the first time i fucked her, she looked all sweet & inocent, didnt look a day over 18 but loves eating man ass & deep throating cock & didnt need her arm bending when i offered to piss over her ! Such fine qualities that you just don't find every day ! :) great scene packed with rimming, deep throat with a nice big facial & then shower time ! & yess she swallowed !
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01-08-2017 10:38 mins $20.00  
I had no idea little Adreena Winters was so hardcore ! This wasnt actually planned, we were shooting for montyspov & she told me her kinky piss fetish, we decided to get wet together ! i hadnt intented to make a full scene with cumshot but when i saw my her mouth fulling with my piss then disapearing down her throat i suddenly felt the urge to knock out another load !
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01-08-2017 26:06 mins $20.00  
This is Eva Johnsons first DP scene, she wasnt sure if she could do DP so Luke & me offered to help her find out, after we DP'd her & had her lick our asses we tool her in the bathroom & both pissed on her, she loved it :) Dont she look amazing ! She didnt swallow but she sucked the drips off !
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13-07-2017 02:54 mins $10.00  
I took the gorgeous Maria Ryder to a romantic outside location to take a piss on her, it wasnt so warm, i was busting for a piss, she was complaining about the cold & being difficult like most women are :) buy looks like she cheered up a bit once i sprayed that nice warm piss over her to warm her up !
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05-07-2017 53:55 mins $20.00  
A friend of mine put me in touch with Khaya Peake & im fucking glad he did ! Told me she was a freak & he wasn't wrong, fortunatly a fellow piss pervert covered the cost of this shoot where she Khaya played a hooker, we had some piss fun before the scene & piss fun after, she was so hot i drank her piss from the cup, we did some pissy kissing.. she pissed on my cock. verry horny.. & after the scene once she swallowed my load i pissed on her & she drank my piss, she even text me that night to say she hadnt showered ..thats my kinda piss slut !
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04-07-2017 17:15 mins $20.00  
Here's the gorgeous Eva Johnson a hot bathroon fuck scene, while the cleaners where waiting outside to clean the room ! Dont she just look amazing !? And even better in a soggy wet bodystocking !!
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01-07-2017 25:55 mins $20.00  
This is the Tina Kay "Day 1" Debut, i had so much piss content its been hard to keep track, the first day i met Tina we shot her debut scene, then after that she put on a think wite vest for me to soak, doe'snt it look great clinging to them natural brrreasts ! a nice tink of yellow in this one too, maybe i should have drank more water :) I shot more after this with Tina that iwill be adding here, no swallowing in this one but she did swallow in more we shot & she is one thirsty piss loving bitch !
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01-07-2017 16:37 mins $20.00  
I shot 2 scenes with Gina this day, this is the 2nd so no big load, actually we didnt have much of a break between scenes but a good ass licking & knowing i was gonna drench her in piss after sure helped get that 2nd load out! kept is out of her hair but she took it in the mouth alright !
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01-02-2017 13:36 mins $15.00  
Here's some wet fun with Tina Kay starting on the hotel balcony & ending in the shower, first she takes a piss, then pisses in a glass & tels me what one has the piss in & what one has the wine ;) ;) there is piss drinking, she suckes her piss off my toes & i take her to the shower where she licks my asshole & i piss in her mouth, pretty game girl a !
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