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27-02-2018 31:39 mins $20.00  
Another Amazing Skyler McKay scene with some real hot 2 way pissing, the screengrabs give you the idea, we had some fun at the start with her pissing in a glass, i fucked her in the ass then more piss fun at the end, she does a standing piss with a gread view of her Amazing ass, then she squats in the shower to get wet ! it was especially hot to leave my semi hard dick shoved in her mouth & taking a piss watching it all run down the sites making her sexy red lace top soggy wet :)
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28-01-2018 22:55 mins $20.00  
Filthy petite dreamboat Skyler McKay is back ! & looking gorgeous as ever well her braces are actually off so even better, now we can see that lovely smile when she's getting bum fucked & taking a piss shower ! The scene starts with her sucking a lolly & poking it up her bum, no direct A2m in this one guys.. its a bit of a strange scene, i pushed a semi hard dick in her tight dirt box & it got harder as it slid in & out her hole as she lay there like a true slut, legs open wide, panties pulled to the side & sucking on a lolly while taking dick in her ass, after some of that there was a cut in the action & the scene recomences with dick sucking & rimming, she sucks & wanks my dick into her mouth .. ish..kinda missed but she licked it up & swallowed it loke a goood girl, than shower time ! not in the hair on this one but Skyler bieng Skyler she did ofcourse drink some piss, what a star !
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11-11-2017 43:10 mins $20.00  
Valentina Biango is a great girl in a nice little package who ticka all the boxes, anal, a2m, deepthroat, rimming, piss shower & piss drinking & we got it all in this hot scene ! she will be makeing more aoearences on the Pisslist !
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17-10-2017 38:46 mins $20.00  
Hot tattooed Phoenix came to Spain for dick & watersports, it was her debut POV scene with me & her debut golden shower too ! hot filthy gal, loves cock, loves to eat ass, great fuck we have plans for more shoots & more wet fun in 2018
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07-10-2017 38:01 mins $20.00  
Its so expensive to fuck Jasmine Jae's ass & piss on her so i went for a blowjob, ass lick before the piss fun ! well before that i spunked in her mouth & she swallowed that, then off to the shower, she squats down & takes a piss for us too, i coulda been under that drinking it, maybe next time ! Then comes her shower & pissdrinking time, she takes piss in her face, hair, mouth all over her & she gulps down a few big mouth fulls of piss to wash down all that that cum! Support Pisslist.com & lets get her back for a 3rd guys !
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05-10-2017 02:26 mins $10.00  
Its not all about big bad Monty pissing in pretty girls faces, the piss list is good adult wet fun between consenting adults ! Its a turn on to me to see hot girls pissing & hot girls pissing on guys, so occasionaly i dont ind being that guy :) Skyler is a real hotty so i didnt need my arm bending to shoot this little snap when she needed to go ! I even put my swimming trunks on ! :) its quick clip. its not that clear, but you can hear the piss & see the big smile on er face as she pisses in my mouth, i think in the future we will shoot more of this & even include paying fans for some fem dom wet fun !
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22-09-2017 36:43 mins $20.00  
This is mostly non pov, though for the piss part started as a wide shot then i grabbed the camera to shoot the rest in pov, Skyler got ass fucked, sucked my toes, licked my ass & drank my piss, what more could you ask for in a woman ? Esp in such a perfect little package!
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21-09-2017 50:18 mins $20.00  
Skyler Mckay is dynomite ain't she, so this scene is from montyspov, tor a hole in these lovely lace leggings, fucked her in the ass & gave her a massive face splattering of cum, i was soposed to piss on her after & i bloody forgot ! so next morning after breakfast she put the leggings back on, sucked me, licked my balls & ass then drank my piss, i need to get me one of these to keep !
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07-09-2017 37:02 mins $20.00  
Gotta say this scene is horny as fuck, a hot filthy bitch in a short red dress on the balcony in sunny Spain as the sun is low, she takes a piss on the floor, she finishes her drink, i top it up with piss & she drinks it, we go inside i fuck her in the ass, she takes a piss in a glass, we both drink from it & it ends in the bathroom with her drinking more piss & getting her red dress drenched ! she drank a ton of piss in this ! :)
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01-09-2017 6:23 mins $20.00  
Gorgeous petite fuck doll Skyler, such a hotty that just does what she's told, where can i find me one of these ! I'd have something lined up everyday ! so here we went to a cool outdoor loaction, she needed to piss so she pissed all in her blue panties.. tthen it was my turn to piss so i have her a good hosing down so we could see them nips through her T shirt, pissed in her mouth & in her face too, she drank it like a good girl.
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01-09-2017 39:24 mins $20.00  
Posh totty here who's up for anything ! Misha came out to Spain to shoot, i put her up in a cheep hotel, turned out it doubled up as a knocking shop too ! my kinda place ! & suited her just fine with her red dress on, this was one Hot sweaty scene with Misha ticking all the boxes & when i say all the boxed you know what im saying Anal, A2m, Deepthroat, Rimming & Big Facial & a Full semi clothed piss shower with piss drinking after !
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01-09-2017 35:37 mins $20.00  
Here's Chantelle Fox is looking as hot as ive ever seen her, we had natural light, she had her bikini on ready to get wet ! This scene really does tick all the boxes, gorgeous girl, great piss fuck scene with anal.
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09-08-2017 38:26 mins $20.00  
Here's some 2 way pissing with real hotty Chessie Kay, such a shame ive not shot her for so long this girl is as game as they come, she needed a piss before the scene, such a hotty i wanted to taste that liquid gold right from her bald pussy, then we shot theis hot scene, i blasted her face with a big load then took her in the bathroom to wash that come off her face with a warm shower ! She loved it & she swallowed, after i sat in the bath for her to piss on my some more.. then we kissed :) So romantic
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02-08-2017 37:25 mins $20.00  
This is the day i met Alessa Savage & the first time i fucked her, she looked all sweet & inocent, didnt look a day over 18 but loves eating man ass & deep throating cock & didnt need her arm bending when i offered to piss over her ! Such fine qualities that you just don't find every day ! :) great scene packed with rimming, deep throat with a nice big facial & then shower time ! & yess she swallowed !
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02-08-2017 03:50 mins $10.00  
Barbie's 2nd piss shower, this time fully naked, took piss in her face, in her hair, in her mouth, swallowed & sucked the drips off, what a woman !
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01-08-2017 10:38 mins $20.00  
I had no idea little Adreena Winters was so hardcore ! This wasnt actually planned, we were shooting for montyspov & she told me her kinky piss fetish, we decided to get wet together ! i hadnt intented to make a full scene with cumshot but when i saw my her mouth fulling with my piss then disapearing down her throat i suddenly felt the urge to knock out another load !
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07-07-2017 55:56 mins $20.00  
Here's Jasmine Jae, the biggest named Uk pornstar drinking & rolling around in piss, i wont tell you what this cost but it wasnt fucking cheep ! again luckily it was sponsored my a contact who wanted to make this happen & thankkfully for the rest of us it did ! & would you belive, never before in her career or private life had she been pissed on above the waist let alone in the mouth or swallowing, so lucky mee i was the first ! Actually on "negotiations" she couldnt guarantee she would swallow the piss, we made a deal for her to swallow 3 mouthfulls of the liquid gold & the star that she is, she swallowed 4 ! what a woman.
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05-07-2017 53:55 mins $20.00  
A friend of mine put me in touch with Khaya Peake & im fucking glad he did ! Told me she was a freak & he wasn't wrong, fortunatly a fellow piss pervert covered the cost of this shoot where she Khaya played a hooker, we had some piss fun before the scene & piss fun after, she was so hot i drank her piss from the cup, we did some pissy kissing.. she pissed on my cock. verry horny.. & after the scene once she swallowed my load i pissed on her & she drank my piss, she even text me that night to say she hadnt showered ..thats my kinda piss slut !
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02-07-2017 27:53 mins $20.00  
Devon is one filthy bitch, just how we like them ! after a good ass fucking with atm of course ! lots of eating my asshole i spunked all over her face & the headboard ! she licked it off the headboard & swallowed it all up ! Then we went to the bathroom to give her a full piss shower, pissed all in her mouth & she swallowed it to wash down the spunk ! i think we need to get her back on the piss list what y'all think guys !?
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01-02-2017 13:36 mins $15.00  
Here's some wet fun with Tina Kay starting on the hotel balcony & ending in the shower, first she takes a piss, then pisses in a glass & tels me what one has the piss in & what one has the wine ;) ;) there is piss drinking, she suckes her piss off my toes & i take her to the shower where she licks my asshole & i piss in her mouth, pretty game girl a !
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